The Truth Parable

30 x 40 x 2 in

Acrylic on Canvas


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Earlier this year while our country was having wild disagreements about reality 



In it a group of blind men are led to an elephant and each, havint never seen an elephant before, puts his hand on a different part and describes what they feel.  One touches the tusk and says, this elephant feels like a spear.  Another touches the leg and argues, No! It feels like the trunk of a tree, and so on.  Each. man is so certain of the information in his hands that he suspects the others of lying and they being to fight.  Finally, someone with sight comes along and explains to them that they are all right, in a way, but also, they are all wrong. 


The more of this story is that eaach of us experience the truth of our reality in a different way.  Our experience does not make another's untrue or invalid.  Some of us are the spear and some of us are the trunk of the tree, but in the end we are all the elephant. 




This was the most obvious change from the story and it was on purpose.  I used angels and cherubim to communicate my view that we are holy and inherently good. I don't see our collective mistakes as a sign of evil. I see them as opportunities to learn who we are and who we want to be.  


As for being blindfolded instead of blind, a blind man doesn't have the opportunity to see for himself what is true or not and because I believe that we CAN do this I wanted to illustrate that idea with something less permanent...the blindfold.  You can take it off yourself or a friend can help. It doesn't have to be there forever unless you want it to be.


Thank you for reading about this painting! 






The Truth Parable

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