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Mo'o Keahe

24 x 24 x 2 inches

Acrylic on gallery canvas


Immerse yourself in vibrant tradition with this artwork which features a Chinese style red dragon, a legendary creature symbolizing power, strength, and good fortune. Each scale on the dragon's serpentine body was rendered with meticulous care, shimmering against a textured pink background that suggest both movement and energy. Swirling clouds reminiscent of smoke encircle the dragon which add to his ethereal quality and enhance his commanding presence. 


This painting is a visual treat; an embodiment of cultural heritage and timeless smbolism.  Its a piece that promises to be a coversation starter and a treasured addition to any collection. 


Bring this symbol of prosperity into your space and let it inspire your inner dragon. 


This is a one of a kind original artwork by Annie Griffeth.

Mo'o Keahe (The Fire Dragon)

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