Some people become artists,

but I was born one.    

My name is Annie

and i want to tell you a story...

Annie with her mom and brother

This is the first memory I have of knowing who I was.  I was a girl with imagination, courage, and hope, that believed magic could really exist if we believed it could, and I was an artist that wanted to share my magic with the world.


But, so it goes...every story has a dragon, and mine was 

He came in many forms throughout my life, telling me that my stories were useless, my magic wasn’t real, and that my happiness did not exist, and…

I began to die because I believed him.

Like a browned leaf falling to the ground, I fell into a deep and terrible sadness that lasted for many, many years.   

Until One Day...

As luck would have it, a powerful prince came along. This prince could see my magic even though no one else could! He told me that I was the brave princess from my stories and that I could slay my dragon. He gave me a sword and told me to fight and I DID!

I fought to reclaim my magic like every brave princess would, and the darkness that had taken root inside of me began to disappear.

Art has been the most powerful sword I have ever wielded. I have used it to pierce the darkness of sorrow and loss, and to courageously explore the incredible heights of happiness and love. My work is a story about the mighty hero that lives within and the journey that makes life extraordinary. 

And so it goes, the brave princess slayed her dragon and lived Happily Ever After. 

The End.


The Moral of the Story


"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours.”

Annie and her Prince.

Annie Griffeth 1.jpg