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An ALG Collective Art Show

A Message from annie

Artist Statement

“Anima Mundi epitomizes the principle ‘Accept all. Reject none.’ Diversity is celebrated, multiplicity is honored, and nothing is denied embrace.”

In the spirit of Anima Mundi, I challenged myself to accept each idea for this year's show as valuable and worthy and to give it space in the real world, either as a sketch, drawing, or painting. Aside from creating a ton of work and it being the most authentic work I've ever made, this process changed the way I saw myself. No longer were some parts good and some bad.  Rather I began to see how each part, both in me and in my art, was valuable and necessary to the greater journey of realizing who I am. 

The pieces in this show reflect this journey and mirror the tension and triumphs of the year. I combine drawing with painting, old with new, and fact with fiction to create something entirely its own. 


With my whole heart I accept all and reject none of this wild, wonderful, & beautiful life. 

Annie's Collection


The pieces below can be acquired through the Greyhound Gallery in Amarillo, Texas.


814 S Taylor St #200
Amarillo, TX 79101

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Drawings, Minis, & Paper Paintings


Ink Drawings

These intricate drawings are the backbone of my practice and have influenced my painting style dramatically. 


Super Minis

Drawing these helps me get my creativity flowing so I have lots of them! Each 2x2in mini comes wrapped with a small easle for display.  They make the perfect gift at only $25 a piece!


Paper Paintings

When I need to work out ideas with color I work them out on paper.  See which of my Ideas became paintings for this show and which didn't.