Artist Studio and Showroom

1302 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas 75207

Open every Thursday 11am-6pm

  • Meet the ALG Collective artists:​

    • Glass Artist, Anna Curnes

    • Pop Artist, Annie Griffeth

    • Sculptural Oil Painter, Melissa Ellis

    • and Abstract Expressionist, Christi Meril

  • View Art in an Exciting New Way  ​
    • see the artists' working studio spaces

    • experience the process of creation

    • connect with the makers

  • Buy Art for Yourself or Your Clients

    • directly from the artists in a beautiful, welcoming environment

"The ALG Collective

gives you a high-end art buying experience charged with the energy of a multi-artist studio."

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Open to 

Designers, Architects, Residential and Commercial Buyers

Can't make it on a Thursday?

That's ok! Email me if you'd like to schedule an appointment:

Anna Curnes
Melissa Ellis
Christi Meril
Annie Griffeth

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