The ALG Collective is a working artist studio and showroom located in the heart of the Dallas Design District at


1302 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas 75207.

Studio Exterior + Logo

ALG Collective Resident Artists


Melissa Ellis

Sculptural Oil Painter

Native Texan, Melissa Ellis, specializes in bold, heavily-textured abstract oil paintings. She creates brilliant patterns in her work by applying thick oil paint to the canvas with her unique style of palette knife painting. Often described as “organized chaos”, Melissa’s work is a dichotomous celebration of spontaneity through highly-calculated and meticulous methods used to create motion, patterns, texture and depth in each of her paintings. 


Christi Meril

Abstract Mixed Media

Christi Meril is a Dallas-based contemporary artist who creates abstract mixed media works on canvas, wood,and paper. By combining mediums such as acrylic, ink, pastel, and charcoal she achieves vibrant color, movement and texture that create message and inspiration in each original piece of art. As an artist, it is Christi’s goal for her work to bring light, optimism, challenge and beauty to each and every space it calls home.  


Annie Griffeth

Pop Artist

Hailing form the North Shore of Oahu, Annie Griffeth is a multi-faceted artist who infuses magical realism with Hawaiian-inspired pop art. Her pieces are narrative-driven covering social issues and transformative life events, as well as everyday joys and challenges. Each piece is steeped in symbolism and contains a story to unfold.


Anna Curnes

Glass Artist

Chicago & Dallas based glass artist Anna Curnes plays with fire. Not confined to what’s doable, but rather inspired by what’s magical, she turns shattered glass into hefty (nigh unbreakable) glass creations - creating beauty from brokenness. Having studied with masters like Rebecca Johnson, Joseph Ivacic, Mark Mitsuda and Diego Bottacin she’s fluent in the fluidity of glass. She talks to it and the glass listens.