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About Annie

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, artist Annie Griffeth's artworks reflect her imaginative perspective and worldly style. Annie's artwork invites the viewer into a world where dreams and reality converge, and where magical realism and illustration play with abstraction.


Painting flowers, dragons, brave characters, and other powerful symbols, Annie weaves a narrative of courage, power, and growth into each work. 


Annie's unique blend of vintage and retro styles, limited color palette, and signature marks make her artwork unmistakable!


She draws, paints, creates original merch, fashion pieces, and shares her love for drawing from her Dallas, Texas studio. 

For representation, collaborations, sponsorships, or licensing inquiries email

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"His pinky finger was crossed over his ring finger as his hand lay motionless on the bed. I picked up the pinky and uncrossed it, laying it neatly in line with the rest of the hand. “That’s better.” I thought. Now both hands were in symmetry.

My dad died at 54 years old, and was lying before me, a beautiful, motionless angel, sending his most powerful message ever: LIVE YOUR DREAMS…before it’s too late.

Until this point, I was a bar manager working my way through college, with hopes of becoming a nurse, because my stepmom was one. But what I truly wanted was to paint, draw, create books, and write stories."

Annie Griffeth Drawing a portrait of Dali


Creating is my way of processing life. It's how I explore the challenges and lessons, and how I celebrate the majestic beauty of this world how awesome it is to be alive.  


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